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Study in Canada

Canada is a wonderful destination that really attracts all types of people of all ages. Canadians are very friendly and welcoming and cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are certainly worth a visit. The country is a dream destination for those who want to experience the stunning scenery!

Universities in Canada:

Why study in Canada?

Canada has in the recent years become an increasingly popular study country for Scandinavian students.The universities maintains a smooth and high quality and the teaching holds a high standard. The great scenery invites you to an active lifestyle and exciting cities are also attractive to foreign students. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are definitely worth a visit. Both Montreal and Ottawa are French-speaking areas of Quebec and they are a delightful contrast as they differ much from the rest of Canada.

If you like winter sports like skiing and hockey, Canada is the perfect place to visit during winter. Banff and Whistler in the western part of Canada are one of the world's best ski star resorts.

We would also like to point out that Canada really is much more than just the Rocky Mountains and brown bears (grizzly). In the eastern provinces you can see Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Smaller provinces but with lots of charm and history to offer. Do not forget Louisbourg and Cape Bretton Higlands national park on top of Nova Scotia.

Lifestyle in Canada

Canada is a big country and there is a difference in mentality from coast to coast. The western provinces are more American-oriented, while the populous Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces are probably the area throughout North and South America that is closest to northern Europeans.

Facts about Canada

Population - 33 mil. (77 percent, live in cities) Capital - Ottawa Largest cities; · Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

Languages: English (about 16 million), French (about 6.5 million) Currency - Canadian Dollars (CAD) Time zone: 3.5 till UTC-8

Demographic data

31 percent of the population live in the three largest cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 66 percent of the population is of European descent, 26 percent have a mixed ethnic background, 2 percent are Indians, and 6 percent are of Asian descent. 42 percent of the Canadian population are Catholic and 38 percent Protestant.

Government: Monarchy

Climate in Canada

In the north, winter temperatures drop to -50 ° C, but in coastal regions, particularly British Columbia, the winters are considerably milder. In summer the average temperature is around 20 ° C in the eastern and western coastal regions and around 30 ° C in the central parts.

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