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Melbourne skyline

Study in Melbourne

William Angliss Institute's main campus is located in Melbourne; the cultural, tourism & food capital of Australia. Melbourne has been voted the best city in the world to live in and the second best student city in the world. The city hosts more than 300,000 students from all around the world so you can expect fun, excitement and many new friends during your time in Melbourne!

Melbourne has a pleasant climate and beautiful parks and streets. The residents have a passion for good food and drink and with over 3,000 restaurants, even the most discerning gets tempted. Melbourne is also known as the best city in Australia when it comes to fashion, nightlife, music, comedy, restaurants, sports and events. 

Melbourne has been named "the world's most livable city" because of its culture, climate, cost of living and social conditions such as low crime and a good health system. Melbourne is very welcoming, multicultural, lively, cosmopolitan and sophisticated. Many different festivals are held in the city throughout the year; arts-, film-, music-, fashion-, multicultural- and spiritual festivals. You can read more about Melbourne's festivals here.

Study in Melbourne - Enjoy the Australian lifestyle

During weekends or holidays you have many options for outside adventures. You can relax at the beautiful beaches nearby Melbourne, visit the national parks, try surfing or - the city's favorite -  Australian football. You should also take day trips to St Kilda, the Grampians mountain range and a scenic road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road - Melbourne

Population of Melbourne

Melbourne has a population of just over 4,4 million people. Melbourne is a popular student city and life here is influenced by many young students which makes it a fun and appealing place to live. Melbourne residents are multicultural, very social and outgoing. They love to meet in cafés and restaurants; eat good food and drink good wines and most of them are dedicated fans of Australian football.

Student Life in Melbourne is fun and exciting

Climate in Melbourne

Melbourne has great summers with many days above 30°C, but winters can be cool with temperatures around 14°C. During autumn and spring the weather can change dramatically from one day to the next. Melbourne is the third driest capital in Australia and only gets half of Sydney's rainfall.

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