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Veronica and friends in Australia

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Would you like to know more about the study experiences of international students at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia? Veronica from Sweden will tell you all about her student life Down Under.

Veronica Fredriksson

University: University of the Sunshine Coast
Study program: Study abroad semester in general studies

Bright sunshine and a clear blue sky. Outside the window, you hear the rustling of leaves of palm trees in the cool wind. On the other side of the cycle track, there is a beautiful pond with both black and white swans. If you follow the small road past the pond, you usually pass small groups of kangaroos lying on the grass in the sunshine. Then suddenly you are there, at the University of the Sunshine Coast! This is the setting of my wonderful life here in Australia.

Kangaroos at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia 

Very long holiday

Early 2013 I took a decision that would change my life completely. I chose to take my backpack and go Down Under to beautiful Australia as soon as I had graduated. The relaxed environment, the stranger next to you in the coffee queue who asks you with a big smile “How you going?”, the miles of sandy beaches and the convenient proximity to the great city of Brisbane, makes everyday life here more like a very long holiday than anything else. As if that were not enough, I have found incredibly nice friends from all over the world here in just 4 months. The university is truly a meeting place for people from all parts of the world and when I leave the university to explore the rest of the world, I know that I have places to visit and stay at over Europe and all parts of the United States.

Study at USC in Australia is like a very long holiday

Laidback style

Although the university is not particularly large, approximately 9,000 students, you can choose every level or field of study of your interest. There are so many opportunities! I chose to do a semester in general studies at USC. The teachers are just as laid back and relaxed as the rest of the people in the country. Teachers are personal, supportive and more than happy to discuss things over a cup of coffee in one of the campus cafeterias. Even the staff at the International Student Office at the university is incredibly helpful and willing to take the time to help and sort things out. Something I appreciated incredibly as new student from the other side of the globe.

Help from KILROY

I am incredibly grateful for all the help I have received from KILROY. They helped me with everything, from the selection of study programs and the application process to the airline tickets and visas. It has made my trip so much easier and more comfortable and I am convinced that without their help, I would not be writing this letter right now here in my apartment on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Warm greetings from Down Under
Veronica Fredriksson

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