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Student stories from University of Technology Sydney, Australia

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has more than 20.000 international students. Three of them are Johanna and Peter from Sweden and Marita from Norway. Read about their awesome time in Australia.

Name: Johanna
From: Sweden
Studying: Bachelor of Management in Tourism

Johanna studerer i Sydney og forteller om sin studieopplevelse ved UTS

"My name is Johanna, and I am currently studying a bachelor degree in Management in Tourism at University of Technology Sydney. The reason why I chose UTS and my course is because UTS is a well-known University and because I love traveling and socialising. However, I am also in to the business side of it. This course is the management side of tourism and so far I have done subjects such as economics, marketing, accounting and managing people and organisations as well as multiple tourism subjects.

In my spare time I do plenty of activities and I am very lucky with my house which is located in Darlinghurst, just a ten minute walk from the city and close to everything. To live so close to the city and having your own room you will have to pay more rent but it is worth it. I could not be happier! I have three great house mates and we sometimes do things together. I also work in a café two days a week, located not far from where I live in a very nice area.

I am so pleased with the situation I am in at the moment, everything is better than I hoped it would be. Good marks at University, great house, fun job and I am surrounded by likeminded people.

The best choice I have ever made."


Name: Marita
From: Norway
Studying: Bachelor of Nursing

Marita forteller om hvordan livet er som student ved University of Technology Sydney, Australia
"I keep making new friends."

I came by myself and ended up with lots of friends

"The student environment and the university is so much better than I had imagined! I came here all alone without knowing anyone, so I was quite nervous before the start of the semester. However, the university has a lot of students that volunteer to help new students. Everything went perfectly, and I felt so welcome already from day one!

Also the atmosphere amongst the students is really friendly and open. I keep making new friends all the time, and the university organizes many cool events that we can participate in - everything from BBQs to tours around the city. In addition, there are a bunch of cool clubs and societies that we can join. I am really enjoying myself here, and I am so happy that I chose to study at UTS!"


Name: Peter Moberg
From: Sweden
Degree: Master of Engineering Management

student story from uts

"I would not have been where I am today without UTS. My study abroad experience gave me the academic pillar, prepared me to work hard, deliver on time and strengthened my ability to deliver results.”

I got my dream job after coming home

"After returning from University of Technology Sydney, I was offered my dream job during my first job interview! It is a Project Management and Control position in an Engineering and Construction organization within the Oil and Gas sector in Norway. My career has taken off immediately."

What studying in Australia is like

"My favourite thing about my courses was the fact that they were really challenging. It was set out at a fast pace and demanded a lot of effort to actually succeed; I could feel how I developed within Engineering during my studies.

I enjoyed the high quality lectures and often very good presentations. The most enjoyable was the group work presentations. It was very interesting to hold your own presentation but also listen to other students present their work and conclusions. I also enjoyed having many different nationalities around me."

The facilities at University of Technology, Sydney

"The facilities are excellent. I never had any trouble finding free space in the computer lab when I needed one and I loved the library, I spent a lot of time there.
The support services helped me a lot. Housing Offices at the university helped me connect with people to start looking for a place to stay and I ended up renting a flat near the UTS main building. I also found it very convenient to have access to an on-campus medical service. They helped me twice during my stay without any complications. The food court on campus made it quick and easy to have lunch and the Loft was nice and affordable to go to after class.”

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