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Study in Sydney

We have to warn you, to study in Sydney increases your risk of falling in love. Totally. In the city (although, there may be others too). Here is some inspiration and tips of what it could be like for you to study in this vibrant city!

Student life in Sydney

Sydney is a big, bustling city with a great mix of cultures and people. And when you get tired of the crowds, you have beautiful nature and exotic animals just a short distance from the city. How handy is not it to have your university and campus in middle of it all?  

Beaches in and around Sydney

One of the great things about being a student in Sydney is the beaches. Mixing serious studying with pleasure has never been easier, as you can head straight from class to the beach!

Sydney is close to no less than 35 beaches and some of the best ones are within a 10 km radius from the city center. With hundreds of beaches to choose from, you do not need to go far to find the perfect wave or claim your own place on the sand in Sydney. The three most popular beaches are:

  • Bondi beach is concidered the beach, almost right in the middle of Sydney
  • Manly beach, just a short ferry ride away
  • Coogee beach (enjoy the scenic walk from Bondi to Coogee beach)

Study in Sydney and visit the famous Bondi Beach

North of the Sydney the beautiful coastline stretch from Manly to Palm Beach with a relaxed beachside ambience. Along there beaches you have plenty of things to see and do. Enjoy stunning sand, waves and an enviable lifestyle!

Combine city life and beach life in Sydney

As already mentioned, in Sydney you can easily combine city and beach life. On a sunny day, why not cruise on Sydney Harbour, and catch a ferry to Manly where you can enjoy beach life and delicious fish and chips! Or if you prefer, jump on the bus to Bondi where you can enjoy first class shopping and delicious food, all while listening to the waves hitting the beach. 

4 free activities in Sydney for students

Sydney is made up of many different neighborhoods with their own charms and attractions. As a student, you can have many nice experiences by exploring the different areas of Sydney and all they have to offer. 

1. Botanical Garden
Student activities in Sydney - visit the botanical garden
Wander through the Royal Botanic Gardens, and enjoy the views. Every now and then you can also get a free outdoor concert during the summer here!

2. Coastal walk
Do the breathtakingly beautiful coastal walk between Bondi beach and Coogee beach - it is a classic.

3. Enjoy spectacular view
Marvel at the spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House right by the Sydney harbour.

4. Take a walk or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge - Climbing
It's a nice walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge! It is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney Harbour that carries rail, vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district (CBD) and the North Shore. If you dare you can also climb it.

Student discounts in Sydney

Did you know that with an ISIC student card you have more than 40.000 student discounts all over the world, and of course also in Sydney. Download the free ISIC Benefits App to locate cool student benefits. Save money during your stay in Sydney with ISIC. Read more about ISIC and purchase your card here.

Climate in Sydney

The climate in Sydney is temperate with warm summers and mild winters. The warmest months of the year are January and February with an average temperature of 18-25°C, although the temperature can go up to 40°C on a hot summer day. The winter is mild and slightly cool. The coldest months are June and July with temperatures on an average of 8-16°C.

Rent a car in Sydney

As you probably know, Australia offers a lot to see and do. It's a great country to do road trips in to get life time experiences. Hit the roads in a cool and handy campervan in Australia, and travel with your accommodation and transport in one on your Down Under roadtrip! You can also just rent a car in Sydney for the shorter trips. If you want to know more, have any questions or are ready to book, you just need to contact us.

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