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Student accommodation in Sydney

Campus & accommodation at the University of Sydney

Ok, so you wish to study in Sydney but you don't know where to live. Don't worry! We will guide you, and tell you where you can live as a student in Sydney, and what campus life at the University of Sydney is like.

Student accommodation in Sydney

University of Sydney offers guaranteed accommodation at Urbanest, a new student accommodation complex just minutes away from Camperdown Campus. Our study advisors will help you apply for housing at Urbanest. Urbanest is just a few kilometres' walk from the city centre, allowing you to be close to the university and the excitement of Sydney. Rooms are fully furnished so you won't have to make any trips to IKEA. Also, you have Wi-Fi, a gym and 24-hour staff and security. 

Campuses at the University of Sydney

University of Sydney has seven campuses around the Sydney area. The main campus Camperdown/Darlington is like a small town and it is located in the heart of Sydney surrounded by green parks, sports halls, museums, galleries and two large complexes that are used by students for a variety of recreational and student services.

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If you study health related courses you will study at the Cumberland campus located at Lidcombe 16 km west of main campus. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is located next to the Sydney Opera House. Sydney College of the Arts and Sydney Conversatorium of Music campuses do not have on-campus accommodation, but are only 30 minutes away by public transport.

Campus life at the University of Sydney

In addition to a wide selection of study programs and courses you can also take part in a vibrant student life at University of Sydney. The university offers hundreds of student organizations. You can engage in organized sports, write for Australia's oldest student newspaper, visit the university's museums and art galleries, attend concerts, or just relax at one of the cafes on campus between lectures. University of Sydney is a very modern university and is equipped with the latest technology both in lecture halls, clinics and research labs. Read more about student life in Sydney here.

Student accommodation in Sydney

Students hangout at the University of Sydney.

Transport from the University of Sydney to the city

If you live a little away from campus you can take a train to Redfern Station and walk about 10 minutes to reach the main campus. During the semester there are free shuttle buses from the Fisher Library and Redfern Station. There are also plenty of city buses going to the various campuses. Getting around will be easy.

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