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Student story of Katrine in Adelaide

Do you know Adelaide? It's a gorgeous city with a lovely climate, and one of the world's most liveable cities. Student life in Adelaide is pretty amazing, and here, you can read why Katrine chose to study in Adelaide below. She had the time of her life, and we can help you with a similar experience. Study in Adelaide with us!

Name: Katrine
Student city: Adelaide
University: University of South Australia
Study program: Study abroad (one semester)
Field of study: Environmental Planning
Subjects studied:

  • Environment: A Human Perspective (Environmental Science)
  • Outdoor Leadership (Health Science)
  • Environmental Conflict and Public Consultation (Environmental Science)
  • Urban Design Workshop (Urban Planning)

Why did you choose to study at the University of South Australia?

I chose to study at the University of South Australia (UniSA) after reading about the university and the city in a brochure. It was important for me to find a study program in an English speaking country and I preferred to avoid the big cities, such as Melbourne and Sydney. So I decided to go to Adelaide and after examining UniSA closer, I found out that they had many different courses and study programs that appealed to me. It was perfect for me and I managed to take courses that fit perfectly into my Danish education and alternative courses out of pure interest such as "Outdoor Leadership".

What did you like best about Adelaide?

The best thing about Adelaide is that you get everything, but in a manageable dose. Everything can be reached within a few kilometres, from parks to bars and supermarkets. I loved the relatively small city centre and being able to know almost all of the streets. The city is large enough to not miss anything. Everything is within walking distance, and cycling opportunities are also exceptionally good for Australia. There is no hustle and bustle, and you are always close to the water and green areas. At the same time you always live close to other international students, as most of them live within 5 km distance to the centre.

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Katrine in Adelaide - the city has everything you need as an international student

What was your coolest experience during your study?

I had so many good experiences. I will mention some of the many cool events the town had to offer in the months I was in Adelaide, from February to July:

  • Fringe Festival - lots of music, pop-up bars and restaurants
  • Color Run in Victoria Park
  • Future Music Festival (electronic / alternative one-day music festival)
  • Jazz Festival

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Adelaide offers cool music festivals - you are guaranteed a great experience

Can you recommend a good restaurant, café and bar in Adelaide?

There are many places to go out in Adelaide as the city is home to two major universities and several other educational institutions and therefore also a lot of young people. The very best place in the whole city was, for me, the bar "The Duke of York", which is a very popular place for exchange students, especially on Thursdays, with cheap beer and a wonderful live band. For restaurants, I generally recommend Sushi Train as sushi is cheap in Adelaide, compared to other food. If you like pizza, the "The Union Hotel" has delicious pizzas at half price on Monday and was a very popular gathering place for students. Moreover, there are plenty of exciting pop-up restaurants and bars during the "Fringe Festival" in February / March. I was especially fond of Little Miss Mexico, as they had delicious sangria and very good Latin music in a really nice outdoor garden.

What have you learned from your semester abroad?

I've gained so much from my experience abroad. I have improved my English to a high degree and I have gained a lot of experience from studying in a different environment, with different teaching methods and other subjects. Additionally, I made a lot of new friends from all around the world - particularly from Europe. It was a unique experience.

Do you have any insider tips for future students at the UniSA?

Be aware that the university has four different campuses, two of which are well outside the city centre. Consider, therefore, where you take the courses, so you do not spend too much time travelling. Consider also whether you prefer to live close to campus or close to town, if you have courses away from the centre. I lived close to the centre, had to take the train for half an hour twice a week and it was clearly preferable to stay closer to the campus.

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Pictures of Katrine's student life in Adelaide, Australia

study in adelaide - universities in adelaideMake friends from all over the world during your studies in Adelaide.

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International students at the University of South Australia.

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Katrine in Adelaide with other local and international students.

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Enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the University of South Australia campus.

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It is a must to see an Aussie footie match during your studies in South Australia.

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