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RMIT University has continuous admission. If this university is of interest to you, you can contact KILROY which is the university's official representative in the Nordics and in The Netherlands. KILROY will be able to assist you with any questions you might have, your application and the practical issues.

Admission Requirements

The RMIT University admission requirements is a reasonable grade average from your last studies. They will also evaluate your past and current studies, your grades and the courses that you already have completed.

English Requirements

Denmark: Studentereksamen with at least 7 in English Level A or 10 in English Level B

Finland: Ylioppilastutkintoto / Lukionpaastotodishis at least a grade 8 or better in English or English A in final year of secondary school (taken less than 5 years before commencement of the RMIT program).

Norway: Vitnemal with 4 or better in English

Sweden: Avgangsbetyg / Slutbetyg with at least 4 or VG in English.

The Netherlands: VWO with at least 8 in English or HAVO (Senior General Secondary Education – 5 years) with a minimum grade of 8 (taken less than 5 years before commencement of the RMIT program).

Full list of English entry requirements can be found here

Application Deadlines

Since RMIT has a continuous admission we recommend that you send your application as soon as possible.

Application Form

Please contact KILROY

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