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Student accommodation in Brisbane at QUT - KILROY

Accommodation at Queensland University of Technology

QUT has two campuses, both located relatively close to the center of Brisbane. Many students choose to live off-campus in shared flats, but QUT also offer student housing at their Kelvin Grove campus.

Campuses at Queensland University of Technology

QUT has two campuses: Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.

Garden Point campus
This campus is located by the Brisbane River in the city center - right next to the Botanical Gardens and the Parliament House. From here, there's easy access to shopping, restaurants, theaters, galleries and public transport (including free shuttle buses, city buses, trains and ferries).

Campus life at QUT, Australia - KILROY

Kelvin Grove campus
The Kelvin Grove campus is located in a beautiful area just 2 kilometers from downtown Brisbane. The campus has good access to public transport, with buses running to the city center and Gardens Point Campus every 10 min.

Student accommodation in Brisbane

QUT is located near student housing at the Kelvin Grove Campus. The residence is called Iglu Kelvin Grove and consists of a range of share apartment options that cater to Study Abroad students. Otherwise, the QUT Housing Office is happy to help you find accommodation on the private market. It is, however, fairly simple to find a place to stay in Brisbane.

Campus life at QUT

Accommodation at Queensland University of Technology - KILROY

Campus life at QUT is great both inside and outside the classroom! The lecturers are good, the learning facilities great and atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. 

QUT offer a broad range of facilities that are available to the students, including an art gallery, swimming pools, sporting facilities and fitness centers. However, it's not the facilities, but the people you meet, that will make your time at QUT truly memorable. In this aspect, QUT is really great; they put everything in place for you to meet as many new people as possible, by organizing social events and festivities throughout the year. On top of that, the university has more than 80 student clubs for you to join, whether you are into sports, politics, religion, gaming, movies, cooking, culture you name it!

Student accommodation in Brisbane - QUT - KILROY

Transport to and from QUT's campuses

As a student at QUT, you can choose whether you want to use public transport or the free shuttle busses that run between the two campus areas. The Garden Point campus is located only a short walk from downtown Brisbane and students belonging to this campus tend to find the public transport sufficient enough. Students belonging to the Kelvin Grove campus however, tend to opt for buying a car, which is also useful to have for going on weekend trips and road trips during longer vacations.

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