Travelling in Australia

Practical study info about Australia

Living and studying in Australia involves many practical issues that KILROY can help you with.

Visa to Australia

You will have to apply for a student visa in order to study in Australia. You will receive the necessary documents from the university you have been accepted to. The visa must be granted before you leave your home country.

Please contact KILROY if you need more information.

Travel to Australia

You can fly to Australia via Asia or the U.S.. Relevant airline companies are Qantas, BA or Singapore Airlines. You can bring up to approx. 20 kg of luggage if you are travelling through Asia and usually 2 x 32 kg if you travel through the U.S. (though the fare is normally more expensive through the U.S.). 

Contact the post office or private delivery companies such as DHL or UPS if you need to transport more than the allowed luggage.

KILROY has cheap and flexible tickets for students. Ask for a stopover and explore Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok or Bali on the way to Australia for the same price as if you chose to fly directly.

Domestic travel in Australia

Australia is a large continent and you are often dependent on flights if you travel between the major cities. There are many different types of discounts, flight passes and cheap airlines. Trains are a comfortable way to travel but not particularly cheap and neither very quick. The busses is a reasonable way to travel and there are several different bus passes but have good time for transport since distances are far in Australia. 

Taxis in Australia are usually somewhat cheaper than in Denmark and most of the larger cities also have subways. Some students also choose to buy their own car.

Health in Australia

Australia strongly tries to avoid the many contagiousness diseases existing in other countries by having strict quarantine regulations (including the prohibition of bringing food and farm products into the country). If you become ill Australia's modern health system will give you high standard treatment. We recommend that you get a good insurance that cover medical expenses. KILROY works with Gouda on travel insurance and Gouda has a special insurance for students abroad. Contact KILROY if you need more information about his insurance.

Student accommodation in Australia

You can choose to live on campus (contact the school in good time before you leave!) or rent an apartment outside the campus. Prices vary depending on where you are in the country and the type of housing. If you want to live outside campus the university can often help you with this after your arrival. We recommend that you pre-arrange a temporary accommodation for the first weeks in Australia.

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