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Study programs at Monash University

With more than 63,000 students, out of which 22,000 are international, Monash University offers high quality education in an international environment.

What can I study at Monash University?

At Monash University, you can study:

  • Study Abroad (1-2 semesters at Monash)
    As a study abroad student at Monash University you can choose between a broad array of courses from 10 different faculties. Therefore, you can choose to use your time at Monash to specialize within a certain field or to broaden your horizon by choosing a broad range of different courses. 
  • Bachelor
    You can choose from a large range of bachelor degrees at Monash, ranging from the classic Bachelor of Business to more specialized degrees, such as the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. 
  • Master
    Monash University offers a broad range master's and graduate programs, allowing you to specialize in precisely the field you are interested in, whether it is accounting, psychology, advanced engineering or something entirely different.

When does the semesters start?

The academic year at Monash University is divided into two semesters, where the first semester begins in February and the second in July. Monash is a popular university, so we recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Study program and fields of study at Monash University

Expand the list below to see what fields of study and study programs Monash University can offer you: 

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