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Student story - Mathias is studying business in Melbourne

Wonder how it's actually like to study at Monash University? Mathias is studying Bachelor of Business at Monash University in Melbourne and you can read about his experience here!

Why did you choose Monash University?

There are several reasons why I chose to study at Monash. After going on exchange to the US in high school, I wanted to continue my studies abroad. I preferred going to an English speaking country, so Australia quickly came up as a good candidate. Melbourne also seemed like an interesting city to me, with a welcoming international environment. In addition, it has been ranked as the best city to live in, on several occasions. I knew that Monash was an internationally acclaimed university, and when I found out that they offered exactly what I wanted to study, I ended up applying here. 

Why did you choose to study business?

Bachelor of Business is a very broad degree, capturing everything from marketing and finance to psychology and tourism. In other words, you have many interesting options when you graduate! You get a basic introduction to many different fields, and you can then choose to specialize in one or more of them. In this way, you avoid being locked to just one particular field. 

Which courses are you taking?

Student life in Melbourne - Student story from Monash University

As this is only my second semester, I am still taking a lot of introductory classes. We learn everything from accounting and finance to management and business law. In addition. I am also learning a lot about Australia, through the examples we use in class. There are many interesting local examples used in the curriculum, which I hadn't heard before - it's a great way to learn about the country and the city you're living in.   

Have you chosen to specialize within a certain field?

I chose to specialize in finance and international business through a so-called "double major". There are many different fields to choose from, and you can chose to take several majors and/or minors. 

Where in Melbourne do you live?

Student life in Melbourne - Student story from Monash University

At the moment, I live in a flat where I share kitchen and bathroom with a couple of other people. I didn't know anyone in Melbourne when I moved here, so I found the apartment through a housing website. The flat is located in the center of Melbourne, which I am quite happy with, as I have everything I need (shopping malls, gyms, public transport) just around the corner. The rental prices in Melbourne vary according to location, but the apartments generally hold a somewhat lower standard than we are used to back home. 

What is the best part about studying at Monash University?

The best part about studying at Monash University is meeting all the different people from all over the world. On a regular day you can end up have lunch with one person from each continent. How amazing is that! Monash is a very international university; in fact, it is the university in Australia with the most international students. Therefore, you learn a lot also outside class, not just about Australia, but also about different countries and cultures. Monash also offer a great range of interesting courses, which opens up for lots of interesting course combinations. 

What are the characteristics of a typical Monash student?

The students here come from all over the world, so naturally it's a very diverse student mass. At my campus, it feels like everyone knows everyone, so you are never board and you never feel alone. There is always something happening here, thanks to the different student organizations and the weekly events they host, both on and off campus. 

Would you recommend studying abroad to other people?

Student life in Melbourne - Student story from Monash University - KILROY

Yes! Even if you don't want to do a full degree abroad you should at least take one semester abroad. Learning how to embrace a completely new culture, as well as meeting new people are some of the most exciting aspects of living and studying abroad. You also learn a lot about yourself and your home country, by seeing it through the eyes of others. 

Do you have any advice for others planning to study abroad?

Make sure your expectations aren't too high before you go. Be open-minded and don't expect everything yo be like in the movies. Even if some things are as you expected, many things are not.

Join different clubs and associations! It is the best way to get to know people, and being active during your time as a student will look good on your resume as well. Also, make sure you start the applications process early, as it can take a long time to take care of things like visa and housing. If you don't have the possibility to check out the flat before you come, try to get someone else to do it for you. It really sucks to find out that the apartment you already paid a deposit for doesn't actually exist.

Why did you choose to apply through KILROY?

I knew I would get good help with the application process, and it made the communication with Monash easy. I also had good experience with traveling with KILROY from before, so it was an easy decision! 


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