Monash University

Campus & accomodation at Monash University

Campus & accomodation at Monash University

So, you decided that you want to study at Monash University in Melbourne. Next question is, where are you going to live while you are there?

Campuses at Monash University

Monash has 5 campuses in and around the city of Melbourne: 

  • Parkville
    Located 3 km north of Melbourne's central business district (CBD). Parkville is home to the faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 
  • Caulfield
    Located 9 km from CBD. Caulfield is the second largest of Monash's campuses and is the main center for the faculties of Business and Economics, Art Design & Architecture, and Information Technology.
  • Clayton
    Located 20 km from CBD. This is the largest of Monash's campuses and hosts a great variety of student services and support function. There is always something going on at the Clayton campus.
  • Berwick
    Located 40 km from the CBD. Berwick is the smallest (and possibly the coziest) of all of Monash's campuses and is home to the Faculty of Education.
  • Peninsula
    Located 43 km from CBD. The campus is the center for nursing and paramedic training, as well as early childhood and primary education.   

Student accommodation in Melbourne

Monash offers on-campus accommodation at all campuses, except Parkville. Depending on what campus you are staying at, you can choose between living in a single room at the Halls of Residence or in a flat shared with fellow students. However, most European students prefer to find private accommodation together with other students off-campus. Monash University offers help to students wanting to find accommodation off campus, and can put you in touch with private off-campus student housing agencies. 

Campus life at Monash University

Campus life at Monash University - KILROY

Each and every one of Monash's five campuses have their very own unique atmosphere, but they all have in common that they are modern and friendly. Monash has an active student body with over 100 student-run clubs and societies. They arrange get-togethers, dinners, events, camps, excursions, conferences, and more. Making it easy to be social and meet new friends. Monash University also prides itself in their focus on giving back to society. For you as a student, it means that you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved in volunteer projects both locally and in other parts of the world. If you love sports, there is no need to worry, Monash can also offer over 50 different sporting clubs, so there is plenty on offer for everyone, both if you are a player or just a sports fan.

Transport to and from the Melbourne and between campuses 

All of Monash University's campuses are accessible by public transport and the university offers students a free shuttle bus service between the different campuses during the academic year.


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