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Apply to Macquarie University

Macquarie University has continuous admission. If you find this university of interest, please contact KILROY. We are the Macquarie University's official representative in the Nordics, the Netherlands and Belgium, and can assist you with your application and other practical issues.


Macquarie University offers a very cool scholarship named Student Representative Scholarship. This scholarship has a total value of around 2000AUD, including a GoPro Camera and a Samsung Tablet and is especially tailored students who study within the fields of communication, media, journalism and similar. Of course you are welcome to contact KILROY if you have any questions or need more detailed info about this opportunity.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for Macquarie University is good academic achievements. Your application will be evaluated in relation to your past and current studies, your grades and any courses that you have completed.

What are the English requirements?

The English admission requirement is a passed high school diploma with a grade above average in English. You can also take an English test like the TOEFL or IELTS test in order to show proof of your English level.

  • TOEFL (International) score requirements
    • PBT - min. score 580 (Min. 53 in Listening, 52 in Reading, 59 in Structure and 5.0 in TWE)
    • CBT - min. score 237 (minimum 5 in writing, 19 in Listening and Reading, and 25 in Structure)
    • IBT - min. score 92 (At least 18 in Listening, 17 in Reading, 22 in Writing and 22 in Speaking)
  • IELTS (Academic) score requirements
    • Min. score 6.5 (min. 6.0 in each section)

Some courses or programs might require a higher TOEFL or IELTS test score than stated above. The test score must not more more than 2 years old.

When should I apply to Macquarie University?

Since Macquarie University has continuous admission, we recommend that you send your application as soon as possible.

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