James Cook University

Study programs at James Cook University in Australia

Study programs at James Cook University

James Cook University offers degrees on Bachelor and Master level as well as Study Abroad options for international students for 1 or 2 semesters.

What can I study at James Cook University?

At James Cook University you can study: 

  • Bachelor's degrees

James Cook University offers bachelor degrees in areas such as Business & IT, Creative Arts, Science, Sustainability, Human & Social Sciences, Engineering and Psychology & Social Work. 

  • Master's degrees

The postgraduate studies at James Cook University fall mainly broadly within 2 categories: Coursework Degrees and Research Degrees. You can choose from Master programs in areas such as Business, Engineering, Law, Science, Creative Arts, Education and Human and Social Sciences. 

  • Study Abroad - 1 or 2 semesters

As a study abroad student you have the possibility to choose between a wide variety of courses e.g.  marine biology, journalism, marketing, photography, sociology, business, psychology, history, information technology, rainforest science and zoology. 

Contact a KILROY study advisor if you need help finding some courses or want some more information about your possibilities.  

JCU is specialised in Marine Biology

When do the semesters start?

The year is divided into 2 semester or Study Periods, with courses starting in each Study Period. 


There are many external scholarships that have been made available by government departments, business and industry groups that you as an international student may be eligible to apply for. Read more here or contact one of our study advosors to help you further with any question. 

Study programs and field of study at James Cook University

Expand the list below to see what field of study and study programs the James Cook University offers:

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