cost of studying in Australia

Financing studies in Australia

Tuition fees in Australia varies between 10,500 and 18,000 AUD per year, depending on which university you choose and which program you take. Our study advisors can send you a budget of living expenses as a student in Australia.

Costs of living in Australia

In addition to the university tuition fees you should also consider the cost of housing and living. Costs will vary according to where you study and to your needs but prepare to spend approx. 12000-16000 AUD per academic year.

Credit cards are generally accepted and our advice is that you get a VISA card in a bank without charges for withdrawals abroad before you go. It may also be practical to create a bank account in one of the local banks once you get settled in Australia.

Public funding in Australia

Your home country might offer financing of your education abroad through public grants or loans. If you are a citizen of a Nordic country or the Netherlands we can assist you in the application process for public fundings for studying abroad.

Private funding for studies in Australia

There are several possibilities of financing the tuition fees. It may be through help from parents, bank loans or by applying for scholarships. You can also apply to the university you would like to study at for support from its funds. 

Work and study in Australia

As a foreign student in Australia you can work maximum 20 hours from the moment you begin your studies. Full time work is allowed during holidays.

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