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Education at Universities in Australia

There are 41 universities in Australia. The teaching is a mixture of lectures and self-studies and students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and project work.

Australian education is divided into two levels: undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) and postgraduate (Master's and Doctor's degree). A Bachelor degree usually takes three years and a Master degree between one and two years. If you want to take a fourth year of superimposed courses after completing  a Bachelor degree many universities offer an "Honours Degree" within your field of study. 

You will also get the opportunity to take a postgraduate diploma after the completion of a Bachelor degree. This may count as one year of a Master degree. You can also take part-time studies lasting from six months to a year part of your education at your home university.

Academic year at Australian universities

Most Australian universities have semester systems and a few have trimester systems. In addition you have the opportunity to take summer courses at many universities. The first semester in the university year lasts from in February to June and the second semester lasts from July to November. 

Australian universities have continuous admission which in practive means that there is no application deadline. Considering all the practical details that needs to be arranged in connection with studying abroad we recommend that you apply before November 15th for study start in February and before April 15th for study start in  July.

Required language skills at Australian universities

Several universities recognize and accept English grades from a high school as their admission requirement. The high school grades can not be more than than five years old and that the grades should from the higher end of the scale.

English tests

Some universities will ask you to take a language test. You can either take the TOEFL the IELTS test which are the most recognized international language tests.

Fields of studies at universities in Australia

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