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Student life in Melbourne, Australia - KILROY

Student life in Melbourne

Deakin University is located in Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia and is famous for its lively cultural scene. The city is also known for major sporting events such as the Australian Open tennis tournament and the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Student life in Melbourne

Melbourne is ranked as the second best student city in the world (2015), and you will quickly understand why. It is cleaner, fresher and safer than any other city. On top of that, Melbourne has a pleasant climate, beautiful parks and streets decorated with street art. Its residents have passion for good food and drinks, and with over 3,000 restaurants, the city is sure to have something for every taste. So how do you get the most out of your stay in Melbourne on a student budget?

Top 8 things to do in Melbourne on a budget:

Student life in Melbourne, Australia - KILROY

1. Explore the city's beautiful street art.

2. Chill out whit a coffee or beer at one of Melbourne's hidden roof top cafés.

3. Enjoy a free concert at Federation Square.

4. Visit Melbourne's colorful (and completely free) Moomba Festival.

Student life in Melbourne

5. Hang out on the beautiful beach at St. Kilda - You are in Australia after all!

6. Head off into the Australian outback for a bushwalk or picnic in one of the many state and national parks surrounding the city.

7. Visit Melbourne Museum - It's free if you flash your student ID! 

8. Watch Australian Rules Football (footy) at a live match.

Student discounts in Melbourne and in the rest of Australia

Did you know that the ISIC card gives you access to more than 40.000 student discounts all over the world? Download the free ISIC Benefits App to locate all of Australia's cool student benefits. Read more about ISIC and purchase your card here.

Climate in Melbourne

The climate in Melbourne is temperate and maritime, characterized by very changeable weather. The summers are warm (November to January), the springs and autumns are mild, while the winters are chilly (June to August) with continuous wet and often cloudy periods.

Road trips around Melbourne

Road trip from Melbourne - The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne is the starting point for one of the world's most beautiful road trip routes: The Great Ocean Road. Therefore, going on a road trip during your time at Deakin is a must! If you wish to go on a road trip or explore the areas surrounding Melbourne, a rental car or a campervan is the way to go. We offer car rental in Melbourne, and we are happy to help you find the cheapest and best option suited to your needs.

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