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Name: Anders
Degree: Bachelor of Applied Geology

Anders' story about his studies at Curtin University

"Curtin University is a really big university and is therefore home to a large variety of cultures. There is a big share of international students, which means that you will find yourself right at home. The class sizes in the different subjects are small and therefore you will be able to leave your mark on the lessons and easily make new friends.

I chose Curtin for my studies because I could transfer there through my job and because Curtin seemed to offer a nice variety of studies and were accredited within research. This ensures that you get quality education at Curtin."


Name: Michael
Study abroad in marketing and business

Michael's story about studying abroad at Curtin University

"Curtin was my ideal choice for a semester abroad. Studying under the sun in Western Australia gave me an international study abroad experience and I made friends from all over the world living on campus in a flat with people from e.g. Sierra Leone, Indonesia, and Japan.

The classes give me another and very interesting perspective on online marketing, advertising, and management through relevant cases and real-life input from the experienced teachers. The knowledge and inspiration that I got at Curtin University helped me decide on my career path and made me ready for a job in an international environment."


Name: Karen
Degree: Journalism and Screen Arts Double Bachelor's Degree

Karen's story about student life at Curtin University

"I have always had an interest in media studies and after 3 years studying media in high school I felt that this was the right way to go. Ever since I was little, I have been tempted to study abroad. I mean, when else can you live 3-4 years on the other side of the world without anything holding you back? Australia seemed like an amazing country and it has not disappointed me.

It is really simple to talk with people here, and in general, people are very open and welcoming. It is a safe environment without any prejudice."


Name: Joachim
Degree: Studies within manual therapy

Joachim's talks about studying at Curtin University

"I chose Curtin as this university was recommended as one of the best options. In my experience, Curtin has some great teachers who are specialists and researchers within their field like e.g. manual therapy. You learn a lot from their experience and how to think to apply the new knowledge when working with patients. And let's not forget that as a student in Perth you also get a great opportunity to experience student life surrounded by palm trees and a more tropical climate than that of Northern Europe."

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