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Campus of Curtin University

Campus & accommodation at Curtin University

Curtin University's main campus is located in Bentley, just 6 km south-east of Perth. Buses and trains will take you right to Perth city center, but most things are within reach on campus - so why even bother leaving?

Student accommodation at Curtin University

Curtin University offers almost 1,000 rooms in student accommodation on campus.

Many students get friends from all over the world, which often develop into valuable lifelong friendships. Approximately 75% of students living on campus are international students. Half of them are from Asia, while the rest are from other parts of the world.

Most of the European students prefer to find off-campus accommodation together with other students. A popular area to live is South Perth between campus and the city center, but also Scarborough due to its proximity to the beach. However, as Scarborough is located about 25 kilometres north-west of campus, this location is most convenient for students who have access to a car.

The campus of Curtin University

Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia. On campus, you will find Curtin Stadium offering a variety of recreational activities incl. indoor football, volleyball, soccer, and a gym. Join a team and participate in e.g. the intra-house (student accommodation) soccer tournament on the quest for ultimate glory.

Curtin University Football Teams

The campus is covered in beautiful parks and gardens, and you will find numerous food outlets and shops. After classes, meet up with your friends at The Tav for the best food and drinks at student-friendly prices. This is also where you find the best parties to mark the most important occasions of the school year.

Life at Curtin UNiversity campus - Halloween at The Tav

The campus is also known for tons of other fun activities. Enjoy the outdoor cinema in the summer, flash mobs, pop-up food trucks, giant outdoor karaoke, and Sunday markets under the pines. Watch the video below for more on what expect from the Curtin Campus Experience:


Curtin invests a lot in its extensive academic and recreational facilities, which include excellent film and television studios, a motion-analysis laboratory - built for physical therapy students, and even a world class art gallery. Just off campus, you will also find grocery stores and a variety of restaurants and take-away outlets. If you fancy a game of golf, it is just a short walk from campus to the closest golf course.

Golf course next to Curtin University

Want to go on a virtual tour of the campus of Curtin University? Check out this cool site.


Curtin has its own bus station, which is connected to the Transperth Public Transport Network. Many of the routes begin or end at this station. With a connection to the Mandurah Rail Line, it has also become much easier to travel to Curtin. Students can travel to Canning Bridge Station and from there take a bus which goes directly to the university.

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