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Studies at Bond University

Bond University offers degrees on Bachelor- and Master level, as well as part of a degree (1-2 semesters).

What can I study at Bond University?

At Bond University you can study: 

  • Study Abroad (1 or 2 semesters at Bond University)
    As a study abroad student you have the possibility to choose between a wide variety of courses e.g.  film and TV, business, law, journalism, criminology, psychology, communication, international relations, psychology and sport scienceBuzzfeed put Bond University on the first place on best places to study abroad. The only drawback is that you might never want to go back home! 

  • Bachelor
    Bond University offers bachelor degrees in areas such as Business, Health Sciences & Medicine, Society & Design and Law.
  • Master 
    You can choose between multiple master programs at the Bond University in areas such as Business, Health Sciences & Medicine, Society & Design and Law.
  • Diploma or certificate

The standard academic calendar consists of three semesters (typically, 13 weeks of instruction and 1 week of examinations). 

Contact a KILROY study advisor if you need help finding some courses or want some more information about your possibilities.  

When do the semesters start?

The year is divided into three semestres: 

  • fall semester (from September to December)
  • winter semester (from January to April)
  • summer semester (from May to August)

Some programs can have start and end dates which are different from the semester dates outlined above.

Study programs and field of study at Bond University

Expand the list below to see what field of study and study programs the Bond University offers.

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