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student life at the gold coast

Student life at the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for fun. Doesn't that sound promising? The Gold Coast is located on the beach, which is amazing enough. It's not all though, there are also mountains and great parks in the area. Bond University is located close to Varsity Lakes near Robina city centre on the Gold Coast.

Student life on the Gold Coast - famous for fun!

On the Gold Coast you will find a 42 km long beach and the village has about 550,000 inhabitants. The area is especially known for attracting a lot of tourists, and is very popular among surfers. The most famous place is probably Surfer´s Paradise. The Gold Coast can proudly announce their 290 sun days per year and the people here spend a lot of time outdoors and on the beach. Throughout the whole year there are plenty of opportunites to do surfing, bike riding, fishing trips, jetski and more. It is a very multicultural area, with a big proportion of Asians that have made Queensland their new home.

Top things to do when studying at the Gold Coast

1. Go to the great beaches of Broadbeach beach, Coolangatta beach, or Currumbin beach for great views, surf and swimming. For a cuteness overdose go to Currumbin beach, there is a dog park.

The Gold Coast

2. The Gold Coast is famous for the fun. That means there is great nightlife. Go to the bars and clubs on Broadbeach or Surfer's Paradise.

3. Eat. Australia can be quite expensive, but if you go to Waxy's on a Sunday, there is cheap steak and cheap beer.

4. Visit the Hinze Dam. This earthfill dam structure is massive and also is a place for recreational activities like boating, fishing, horseriding and biking.

5. Surfing! The Gold Coast is famous for the swell. Rent a board, or if you stay longer, invest in a nice surfboard!


6. Everybody needs green in there lifes. After studying hard it's a good idea to go to the rainforest. Walk in the canopy's of Tamborine Rainforest by doing the Skywalk, or go for a hike in Lamington and do the Gold Coast Hinterland Tree Top Walk.

Australia Brisbane Tamborine National Park

7. Wildlife in the Gold Coast. You can see so much wildlife in the rainforests or in the sea. You can also go to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for koala cuddles.

8. Stroll on great markets. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sundaynight you can buy awesome things. Are you ready to get some great bargains? The markets are at the beachfront of Surfer's Paradise.

9. Shopping. You find the best beachwear and stuff for surfer's in the Gold Coast. Also there is a massive outlet on the Gold Coast. It's called Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre.

Brisbane River Cruise

10. Go and visit Brisbane. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and a great city to explore. It's just one hour drive from the Gold Coast.

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Climate at the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast area enjoy a sub tropical climate with warm and humid summer periods, while the winters are tempered and dry. Even if the summer can be really warm, you are saved from the much more intense summer heat that can be found in the northern, tropical parts of Queensland. The hottest month is January with an average temperature on 25 degrees celsius, while June is the coldest month with on average 15 degrees celsius.

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