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Accommodation at Bond University

If you decide to become a "Bondie" you will have to move to the amazing Gold Coast. You can decide for yourself if you want to stay on campus or off campus. You will find the possibilities below.

Living on the campus of Bond University

There are many different options for living on-campus. You will be staying close to everything you need, like classrooms, the library, facilities, the gym and nice restaurants. There are basic shared rooms, but also private rooms with an en suite bathroom. It's your choice! The dining plan is included if you are living on-campus.

Campus at Varsity Lakes has all facilities you can imagine. It is well planned and includes among other things a library, cafées, swimming pool and training facilities. The teaching facilities are very impressive with for example a court room and stock exchange room, giving the students a taste on what to expect in the real working life.

Living off campus 

Bond University helps their students with finding accommodation. The only thing you have to do is contact the Student Housing Office. The options are a house or appartment for yourself, or sharing with other students.

Do you want to get to know Australian habits? Why not stay with a local family? With a homestay you will live with an Australian family. It is recommended for at least a month if you come from another country. You can practise your English, but also get to know the area from a local point of view.


Public transportation as well as the university´s own busses makes it easy to go from Bond University to the Golad Coast and the areas around Varsity Lakes. Many international students also choose to purschase a car to easier be able to experience various places.

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