Conditions and generel information about studying abroad

Conditions and generel information about studying abroad
KILROY wants you to get an excellent internship- or study experience that meets your expectations. Below, we have gathered important information that we ask you to read and understand before embarking on your study abroad.

The information on this page applies for internships or studies abroad organized through KILROY. If you have not been in contact with KILROY, other rules and conditions may apply to agreements you have entered into directly with the university or provider of internship/visa papers.

General terms

KILROY provides assistance and guidance on studies and internships through our partner universities and suppliers. Our counselors do not provide academic counseling or career guidance. KILROY councelors give general information on studying/interning at our partner institutions, however, the applicant is responsible for familiarizing themselves with information about the study/internship content, finances, visas, residence, recognition of foreign qualifications, cancellations, insurances and travel, as well as the prevailing Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions for studying abroad

It is the applicant's own responsibility to familiarize themselves with the subject content of the education. KILROY can inform about the current curriculum, but take no responsibility for any changes in curriculum and/or training during the program. Upon rejection of admission and any refund of deposit and/or tuition fees, the university's own rules apply. The applicant is at all times obligated to familiarize themselves with the university's conditions for the education they register with.

Terms and conditions for internships

KILROY will inform the applicant about the current rates and charges for internship and visa papers, but it is the applicant's responsibility to familiarize themselves with our partners' conditions associated with the payment of deposits, fees, cancellation terms and fees associated with this. Note that KILROY have their own fees for assisting with placement and visa. You will be informed of any charges along the way and we note that such fees and deposits paid to KILROY are non-refundable.

Financing your stay abroad

Contact your local authorities for possibilities regarding loans, grants or financial aid. KILROY can not assist you with financing your study or internship.

Student/work visa

The applicant is responsible for aplying for a student or work visa in cases where it is necessary, as well as familiarize themselves with the terms and condition of this. KILROY usually receives documents for visa application directly from our partners and forward these to the applicants. The applicant must check that the information on these documents are correct and inform KILROY if any changes need to be made. Unfortunately, KILROY cannot influence the processing time for visa applications.


KILROY can provide tips and information about the options of accommodation. Applications for housing at the universities/internship provider happen directly between the applicants and partners. If you want to organize your own housing, we discourage you to arrange or pay for anything you haven't seen.


It is the applicant's responsibility that the education and/or individual courses are approved by the applicant's own university. The applicants must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations provided by their own regulatory agencies. KILROY can not guarantee that the education at our partner universities at any given time is approved by the aplicant's university and it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the courses are similar or equal to the local courses at the applicant's home university in order to obtain approval and/or authorization.

If you want to study in your local country after you have studied abroad, academic recognition is required. Academic recognition means that the education abroad is comparable to specific courses, degrees or professional education at the applicant's own educational institution. It is entirely up to the individual educational institution to approve your foreign education. Be aware of any changes during the whole study period.


Any fees or expenses payable in connection with the application will be stated by KILROY early in the process. You are requested to follow the payment terms as stated in each case. Inadequate payment may result in delays in the application process or cancellation of the studies abroad or internship. Tuition fees etc. must be paid directly to the university and you are requested to follow the payment information you receive.

Cancellation or interrupted studies/internships

If the applicant decide to withdraw the application it could result in fees up to 100% of all costs. This applies primarily for internships and sport scholarships. Conditions of this will be disclosed and presented in the documentation process. The applicants are obliged to stay informed and to comply with payment deadlines and related charges throughout the study or internship period.

If the applicant cancels their studies we note that the university/institution's own rules are applicable. Please note that you may be obligated to pay for the current semester even if you exit the program of study.

Vaccination/Passport/Visa/Entry Requirements

Consult your doctor or nearest health institution about which vaccinations would be required for the country (countries) to visit.

Be sure to have a valid visa/residence permit before you travel. Be especially aware that several countries constantly change their entry regulations and there may be different visa/passport regulations even if you are just in the country for transits or stopovers. Make sure that your passport are valid even after your homecoming date as some countries require validity up to 6 months from the date of leaving the country. Always bring your passport, also for traveling within the Schengen area. Always check the current regulations for your nationality.

The Foreign Ministry of your country provides updated travel and entry regulations for most countries.

Please note! If you cannot attend and/or complete the study abroad or internship due to invalid passports, lack of visas, vaccinations or other required documents, you are not entitled to a refund of the travel costs and you have to cover any additional costs for travel, study or internship which may arise.

KILROY are not liable for any delays or unforseeable travel issues as a result of inadequate documentation.


Your application through KILROY is completely confidential. We recommend that you leave the reference number and any copies of the letter of admission to the people who you wish to be informed about your stay. Without reference numbers parents (if you are over 18 years old), friends or others cannot get any information about your journey through KILROY. This is for your own safety.

Services from KILROY

Note that KILROY is only acting as an agent for these products and is not responsible for the actual contract fulfillment.


We recommend that you obtain a travel insurance. A good travel insurance covers accidents, lost or damaged luggage, health issues and more. Without insurance, it can be an expensive experience. Check that the student/travel insurance covers your needs and that it is valid for the entire stay. You can book your travel insurance with KILROY.

You may want to take copies of your travel documents, including passports, vaccination cards and insurance certificates. If an accident should happen and you lose valuable documents, it will be easier to get these replaced if you have a copy. You are responsible for any costs associated with the issuance of new tickets, unless you are insured against this.

Incorrect or missing documents

If there is any discrepancy in your travel/study/internship documents you must contact KILROY immediately so we can rectify this. If anything does not meet your expectations, or if errors or omissions appear during your stay it is important that you contact the university/supplier or KILROY directly so that we can attempt to rectify the situation immediately. Inadequate feedback at the right time can impact your rights of compensation afterwards.

After returning home

In case of any disputes you are obliged to submit these as soon as possible and no later than one month after your return. We recommend you to keep most documentation, such as information from hotel, photos, receipts etc. This will facilitate a possible compensation afterwards.

We would always love to hear from you about your experiences on the journey, including praise and criticism in order to improve our efforts to offer the best trips.

KILROY wishes you a good trip and an unforgettable study period!

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