Study Abroad - study a semester or two abroad as a Freemover

Study abroad - Freemover student
If you have started your Bachelor or Master studies at a university in your home country you can take a part of your education abroad as a Study Abroad student, also known as Freemover.

Where can I study a semester abroad?

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A study abroad program is for students that have...

  • started their Bachelor or Master education at a university at home and wants to transfer one or two semesters abroad to their degree at home.
  • finished high school and wants to study abroad for a semester or two to try out some of the subjects they are interested in.

In order to study abroad you have to show proof of graduation from high school in your country. You can start the application process before you have your final grades.

Some universities require that you have been studying for 1 or 2 years before you start at a study abroad program. Contact KILROY education if you have questions about a specific university or if you want to get general guidance on how to start the application process.

Recognition of study abroad programs

If you plan to study abroad for one or two semesters as a part of your Bachelor or Master degree in your home country your university have to approve the courses you plan to take before you go.

The approval processes for courses at foreign universities vary from university to university. Contact a student counselor at your university and they will be able to getting the process started.

KILROY education's student counselors have experience with this process and will always be happy to give general advice on how to handle this process.

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