Ph.d. abroad - Australia, England or New Zealand

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Do you dream of doing your Ph.d. abroad? With KILROY you can do your Ph.d. in another country and get international experience at the same time. We offer free study guidance to those who wish to do their Ph.d. in either Australia, England or New Zealand. We help you with your application, and answer your questions about funding, housing, visa and everything else. In short, we make it easy for you to become a Ph.d. student abroad!

One can argue that it is considered better to study for a PhD in a different university from the one where you did your first degree, as this will expose you to a different set of academic influences. Also, you will get international experience which is essential in our globalized world.

We cooperate with accredited partner universities around the world that offer the possibility for international students to do their Ph.d. in their institution.

Free study guidance if you wish to do your Ph.d. abroad

If you contact one of our study advisors, we will be happy to send you an estimated budget of study fees, living expenses in your preferred city, inform you about funding and the application process to the university. >
Our study guidance is free of charge. 

International universities where you can do your Ph.d:

Ph.d. in Australia

Most universities in Australia are located in Australia's major cities, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Our study advisors look forward to telling you more about the different options, life as a Ph.d. student in Australia, housing for Ph.d. students, visa and whether you can apply for funding for Ph.d. in Australia.

Ph.d. in England

Our partner universities in England are located in London, in Bournemouth in the Southern part of England, in Bristol and in Coventry, close to Birmingham. Hear more about Ph.d. in England with KILROY's study advisors.

Ph.d. in New Zealand

In New Zealand you can do your Ph.d. in Auckland and in Wellington on the North Island and in Otago on the South Island. Our study advisors inform you about your options and how to apply for the Ph.d. program at your preferred university in New Zealand. 

We make it easy for you to do your Ph.d. abroad

So, the 'hardest part' for you is to choose whether to do your Ph.d. in Australia, England or New Zealand. It may be hard to gather information about the different options and universities all by yourself as it requires a lot of research and this is exactly why we're here. Our study advisors advice you for free and answer all of your questions related to doing your Ph.d. abroad. 

Ph.d. in Australia, England or New Zealand
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