Bachelor Studies Abroad

bachelor abroad
Anybody qualified for higher education at a university in Europe can take a Bachelor abroad. A Bachelor’s degree normally takes 3-4 years and is equivalent to a Bachelor degree at home.

Where can I study a Bachelor abroad?

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Requirements if you wish to study your Bachelor abroad

Admission requirements depend on where and what you want to study. Some schools also require that you have taken a specific subject at a higher level and most of the artistic educations require that you can show a portfolio of your work.

In addition to this most institutions want to see proof of your English proficiency either by a TOEFL or IELTS test. Some universities will accept your English high school grade as proof of your English proficiency.

Some Bachelor degrees prepare you for a profession like nurse or lab-assistant while other Bachelor degrees prepare you for further studies. KILROY education's study counselors can guide you, so you choose a Bachelor degree that matches your wishes and future plans.

By taking a full Bachelor degree abroad you will get both professional and personal contacts in the country where you study. Because of this a lot of students abroad decide to work in the country they have been studying in after they graduate.

If you want to know more about the admission requirement for Bachelor degrees at our partner universities you can contact KILROY. Our dedicated study counselors have detailed information about our partner universities and their admission requirements.