Study Academic English abroad

Academic English
You are able to study shorter Academic English courses at one of our many partner institutions in Australia, America and England.

How long does it take to study Academic English Abroad?

The length and content of these courses will vary depending on which college or university you choose. Common for them all is that you will receive a transcript showing proof of your English studies. The transcript can be used for further studies abroad or in your home country as well as an ad-on to your CV when applying for jobs nationally and internationally.

How can an Academic English course abroad help me?

If your grade point average (GPA) does not meet the entry requirement for your dream education, an academic English course will, in some cases, help you qualify to get accepted without taking extra English tests, and you may enroll in Academic English prior to your studies abroad.

Where can I study Academic English Abroad?

Below, you see a list of some of the universities where you can study Academic English.  You can always contact us to hear more about which institutions offer academic English courses, and how you can become a student abroad.

Academic English in Australia:
Griffith University
Macquarie University
Monash University
RMIT University
University of New South Wales
University of the Sunshine Coast
University of Sydney

Academic English in England:
Bournemouth University 
University of The West of England

Academic English in the USA:
California State University Northridge
Green River College
San Diego State University
Santa Monica College

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