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Study abroad
KILROY can help you study abroad. We answer all of your questions and our study guidance is free of charge whether you wish to study a Bachelor, a Master, a semester or two, do a Ph.d or a Certificate/Diploma.

University Degrees

The Bologna Process is an international collaboration that divides higher education into three levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD.

This simplifies the process for students that wish to study abroad and it also makes it easier for employers to understand and evaluate the educations from universities abroad.

See the table below for an overview of how the different degrees at home correspond to degrees abroad.

Study Level Abroad International Degree

Associate degree (2 years)

Bachelor's degree


Graduate Certificate (1 year)

Graduate Diploma (1 year)

Master's Degree (1-2 years)

Study Abroad Programs

Makes it possible to study abroad for a semester or two. If you have been enrolled in an education at home, your university will often let you transfer at semester or two from a university abroad. Read more about Study abroad programs.

Bachelor Studies Abroad

For students that have graduated high school. A Bachelor normally takes 3- 4 years. Read more about Bachelor studies abroad.

Master Studies Abroad

If you have a Bachelor degree you might qualify for a Master program abroad. Depending on what country you want to study in a Master takes from 1-2 years. Read more about Master studies abroad.