Go through this checklist before you head out to study abroad.
Before you go to study abroad there are a lot of practicalities that you need to check up on. This check list will get you off to a good start in your new country.


Do you have a valid insurance that will cover the journey to your new country? Will your insurance cover you once you live in your new country? KILROY works closely with Gouda insurance that has several years of experience providing insurance for students abroad. Contact KILROY education if you need advice on what insurance to book.

Local medical insurance

You might be used to getting your medical expenses paid by the authorities in your home country. If you go to study abroad this might not be the case and you should always check how your medical expenses will be covered in your new country. If necessary, get an insurance that covers medical expenses. Not getting insurance might become very expensive. Contact KILROY education if you need advice on this issue.

Passport and VISA

You should always check up on visa and passport regulations before you go. It is difficult to give any general advice in this matter. The requirements will vary depending on where you are going, your nationality and what kind of visa you apply for.

Most countries will require that your passport is valid at least 6 months after you plan to leave the country. Check which regulations apply to your situation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and with the local embassy of the country you are going to study in.

Do I have to move my address?

The authorities in different countries have different procedures in this matter. Check with the national register in the country you live before you go.


You might need to get vaccinated before you go. Which vaccinations you need, can vary depending on what part of the world you are going to study in, how long you are planning to stay and which vaccinations you have received previously.

Banking and finances

Getting a bank account in a new country is not always easy and sometimes it can take months to get a valid bank account. In the meantime you will have to depend on cash or withdrawals from your bank account at home. Make sure you have enough money to get through the first period of your stay. Some banks cooperate with banks abroad. Check with the bank you use in your home country. This might make the process of getting a bank account in your new country easier.

Where to live

Finding a new place to live when you are located on the other side of the earth might seem impossible. Most universities have student dorms on or off campus. Apply after you have received admittance.

Another possibility is to book some nights at a hostel and start looking to live when you arrive. Finding a place to live in your new country is not always as difficult as you are used to from home.

Order an ISIC card

The International Student Identity Card is the only valid international student card. Order this from your local ISIC agent before you go and get access to relevant discounts during your studies abroad.

Access to Digital Logins

Make sure that you have the necessary access to digital logins like banking and government authorities in your home country. Checking up on your public grants, moving your address and paying your bills from abroad will be a lot easier if you have this in order before you go to study abroad.