Before departure

How to prepare before you leave for your studies abroad.
Once you have been admitted to a university there are a lot of practicalities that you need to take care of. KILROY education has helped students through this process several times before and has years of experience in this matter. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions when preparing practicalities before you leave.

KILROY education can also put you in touch with other Nordic students at the school or university you have been accepted to. Their experiences can be of great value to you.

Cost and Finances

Most of our partner universities are approved by the authorities in your home country (We assume you live in the Nordics or Holland ). This makes it possible for you take your country's public funding with you when you decide to study abroad. Some countries also have public funds that cover tuition fees. Contact your local KILROY education office or read more on our Cost and Finance pages.


Most countries require that you apply for a student visa. You can apply when you have received your CoE (Confirmation of enrolment). Often you also have to prove that you have a valid insurance. Make sure your passport is valid during your whole stay and 6 months after you get back. Contact KILROY education in if you need more information about how to apply for a student visa.

Flight booking

KILROY travels has great deals for students. Visit one of our offices or book your flight online.


Some countries need to see proof that you have an insurance that covers medical expenses during your stay before they issue a student visa. We recommend Gouda's student insurance for students abroad. Contact KILROY in order to get more information about this insurance.

Where to live

Most universities and colleges have student dorms on or outside of the campus area. If you are interested in living at a student dorm you can apply after you have received your confirmation of enrolment. Some students prefer to find a place to stay by themselves and most schools have an accommodation office that can help you on your way.

Contact KILROY travels if you want to book your first nights at a hostel. KILROY travels can offer reasonable prices at hostels all over the world.