Tuition Fees Abroad

Most foreign universities have tuition fees.
Tuition fees abroad vary depending on which country you decide to study in, which university you are going to and whether you are going to study at undergraduate or graduate level.

These examples of tuition fees are subject to change. Please contact KILROY education if you want updated information about tuition fees.


Study Abroad semester at Griffith University: 7,150 AUD/Semester

Study medicine at The University of Sydney: 29,640 AUD/Semester

Postgraduate studies at The University of Western Australia: From 7,500 AUD/Semester


Undergraduate studies at Hawaii Pacific University: 8,255 USD/Semester

Study Abroad Summer at San Diego State University: 2,290 USD/Semester

MBT (Management and Business Track) at University of California Berkeley: 29,000 USD/ 12 months

New Zealand

Undergraduate studies at the University of Auckland: from 11,100 NZD/Semester

MBA at Auckland University of Technology: 39.400 NZD / Full program (18 months)

Postgraduate studies at Auckland University of Technology: 10,900 NZD/Semester


Undergraduate studies at Hong Kong Polytechnic University: 50,000 HKD/Semester

Fudan University: Starting at 6 260 EUR/Semester

First year at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University: 130,000 JPY/Year