Private Grants

Private grants can cover some of your expenses when you study abroad.
There is a jungle of private grants that can help you financially when you plan to study abroad. There are grants with both broad and narrow target groups out there.

If you find a grant with a narrow target group that matches your profile you are more likely to get the grant.

Advice when applying for grants

Start early

Some grants only have application deadline once or twice every year. Start researching which grants you can apply for when as soon as possible.

Don't send the application before you have an admission letter

Most grants will want to see proof that you have been accepted to a university abroad. If you apply without a copy of your admission letter they might not take your application into consideration.

Make a standard application - Remember to adjust it

You are probably going to send out more than 10 applications for private grants, so you might as well save time by making a standard application. But you should always adjust your application to the grant you are applying for. Different grants have different purposes and you should always explain where you fit into the charitable purpose of the exact grant you are applying for.

Make a realistic budget

You should always enclose a budget to the application. Remember to include both income and expenses. The budget should make it clear that you are in actual need of the grant you are applying for. Remember to add all extra costs. One extra expense can be round trips in the country you are going to study in. Your argument can be that you want to get more cultural insight to the country.

The KILROY Foundation Grant

KILROY Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 2013 to improve education opportunities throughout the world. The foundation does this through aid projects related to education as well as handing out student grants in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

KILROY Foundation supports educational initiatives by awarding grants to young individuals pursuing:

  • Studies abroad
  • Internship abroad
  • Volunteer work abroad


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