Cost and Finances

Get an overview of the costs and how to finance them when planning to study abroad.
Financing your tuition fees and general living costs can be one of your main concerns when you consider studying abroad.

In some countries you might have to pay tuition fees. Getting an overview of the daily living costs in another country might also seem difficult. You should also consider the price of transporting yourself to your new country.

You might be surprised that studying abroad can be even cheaper than staying at home. Both public funding and private grants, such as the KILROY Foundation grant, can help you on your way. In addition some of our partner universities also offer scholarships for international students.

The living costs in your new country might also be a lot cheaper than you are used to from home. Getting a student job might also help your finances. We recommend that you have enough money to survive the first semester without a student job so you have enough time to get used to the work load and university. Some of our students prefer to go home for summer holidays and work to save up money for next semester's studies.

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