Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Most English-speaking universities accept a score from the TOEFL test as a proof of you English level.
There are two versions of the TOEFL test: A paper-based test and an online test. Both versions are fully accepted by the universities.

TOEFL - Internet Based Test

When taking the internet based test you are tested on four different categories of English: listening, reading, speaking and writing. You will have a limited time period for each part of the test. In total the test takes 4.5 hours. Even though the test can be taken online you will have to take the test at a local certified test centre.

You will get a score for every category (0-30) and an overall score (0-120). You will usually find the required score for the study you are applying to on the university's website. If you are unsure of the score requirements you can always contact a study counsellor from KILROY education.

TOEFL - Paper Based Test (PBT)

Just like the internet based TOEFL test, the paper based TOEFL test contains four parts: Listening comprehension, structure and written comprehension, reading comprehension and a Test of Written English(TWE-test). It takes about 4 hours to finish this test. You will get a score for every category and an overall score. All in all you can get a score between 310 and 677.

Prepare for the TOEFL test

Contact us if you are in doubt about whether you have to take the TOEFL test in your country.