Study Counselling

get help planning your education abroad
We make sure you get all of the necessary information in order to plan your studies abroad. We make it easy for you and handle the boring paperwork for you. We have many years of experience sending students abroad and we guide from A-Z and answer all of the questions you might have.

This is how we can help you apply to a university abroad and get the time of your life. Studying abroad isn't just about studying. It is about living in another country for a longer time, getting in depth with a country's culture, meeting people from all around the world, and having fun with other students. Studying abroad invites for many amazing experiences as your chosen destination will have tons of fun and adventure waiting for you.

We look forward to helping you becoming a student abroad.

This is how we can help you study abroad:

  • We make sure you're well equipped in terms of getting all the information you need about the right education and right university for you
  • We inform you about the different study programs, deadlines, study fees and admission requirements
  • We help you find your application to the university
  • We inform you about how you can finance your studies abroad
  • We work closely with the universities listed on our website, so any question you might have will be answered quickly
  • We verify all of your documents to be enclose to the application
  • We assist you with practicalities sucj as insurance, housing, flight ticket and visa
  • We answer all of our questions about studying abroad

You can always contact one of our study advisors via phone, send us an e-mail or book a meeting. It is free of charge to receive our guidance.

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