Recognition of Study Abroad Courses

Get your courses recognized by your home university.
If you plan to study abroad for one or two semesters as part of your Bachelor or Master degree, your home university has to approve the courses you plan to take abroad.

There are two steps in this process: First step is to get prior approval of the courses you plan to take before you go. The second step is to get the courses you actually ended up taking abroad approved by your home university after you get back.

This approval process can be a bit confusing because you have to get prior approval before you go and final transfer of courses after you return home.

It can be hard to get information on what courses it is possible to take at the university you want to study and once you start your studies abroad you might realize that you would prefer to take other courses. Most universities won't mind that you change your plans, but if you don't apply for prior recognition of courses before you leave they might not even consider approving the courses you actually ended up taking. It is important that you check how flexible your university is in this process before you leave.

The approval process for courses at foreign universities varies from university to university. Contact a student counselor at your home university and they will be able to help you get the process started.
KILROY education's student counselors have experience with this process and can provide general advice on how to handle this process.