Job Opportunities After Studying Abroad

Improve your job opportunities after studying abroad.
After studying abroad you will discover that you have developed both personally and professionally. You will become more independent and get a unique insight into, and knowledge of, the language and culture of the country you have been studying in.

A Master degree from a foreign country will often be highly specialized with a professional focus. Many foreign universities work closely with relevant industries and this will be a benefit after you graduate. All in all this will make you very attractive on the job market after graduation.

How to show of your international competences

Some employers seek international competencies when hiring, but they don't always know exactly what kind of international competencies they are looking for. Because of this it is important that you put your international competencies into words.


"I have become more mature, responsible and better at meeting new people from different countries. I have gained a greater understanding of the culture in the US because I have taken courses on American culture and politics at the same time as I experienced everyday life and politics in the US."

"My academic English has improved and I feel fully capable of participating in work relations with foreign companies."

"By studying abroad I have become more conscious of my own strengths and weaknesses and of how I react in stressful situations. I have learned to deal with a new country, new people, a new culture and a new academic setting."