How can KILROY Help?

KILROY sports advisors
Please note: We are currently not able to take in new applications for sports scholarships. Please stay updated by checking our website.

At KILROY, we have specialized counselors who will handle and help you throughout the process in the application for a sports scholarship.

KILROY is a representative of a variety of universities and schools around the world and America is the country where you can combine your sport with studies. The competition for sports scholarships has been continuously strengthened and there are now many good athletes around the world and this makes grants few and attractive. That's why it is a great advantage to use KILROY, we have several years of experience in the industry, and we also have personal experience from playing sports and studying in the U.S.

KILROY has many years of experience in the application processes and the recent years we have established a wide network of contacts with schools and coaches who have great confidence in us. We can help, regardless of academic focus, with most sports. Our goal is to find an individual solution that suits you and your situation.

The three issues we address when we help you find a suitable school is: your academic level, your athletic level and your economic opportunities. Studying in the U.S. is expensive, but with the right scholarship, your costs are significantly reduced.

KILROY walks you through the entire process, application, testing, scholarships, translations, public funding, insurance, visas, travel, accommodation etc. For athletes, it is important to find the right combination of education and sport and we can help and support you through the entire process.

What it means for you to use KILROY

  • The college application process is easier and faster - saving you time and energy.
  • The Application and admission to the school / training improved - you are guaranteed the right academic choices.
  • Increased chances of good scholarships - you can reduce the total cost.
  • Personal advice and tips based on years of experience - you avoid many problems and errors throughout the process.
  • A guaranteed spot on a college team