Admission Requirements

Learn more about admission the admission requirements if you want to get a sports scholarship
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In order to get a sports scholarship from a college in the U.S. there are both sports and academic requirements you have to meet.

Sporting requirements

There are different sports requirements for NCAA and NAIA but both organizations have rules when it comes to age and amateur status. To avoid problems with your gaming license, we recommend that you apply for study start within one year after completing high school.

(NOTE: Tennis Players applying for NCAA Division are recommended to apply for study in the same year as they finish high school.)

Academic requirements

In order to be admitted to a university in the United States and to obtain player license from the NCAA and NAIA, you must meet some academic requirements. You must have completed high school, have good grades from courses that are important to the NCAA and NAIA, and you have to take the American College SAT or ACT exam. To be admitted to a university, you also have to take a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test which tests your English skills.

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