Free event: Meet us and universities from Australia face to face

  • 19 January 2018
  • By Emma
Free event: Meet us and universities from Australia face to face

When you dream of studying on the other side of the World, you may think that it's too unrealistic and hard to get into an accredited university abroad. Just think of all the paperwork, communication across different time zones, how to find a place to live, how to get funding. The list may seem very long.....and that is why we're here!

In March 2018, we invite you to come and meet our professional study advisors and some of our partner universities face to face*.

And best of all - it is completely free of charge to attend and receive our help!

Get the answers to all of your questions during the event, and leave with the feeling that studying abroad is a lot easier than expected.

At the education event you can meet the following universities from Australia:

What happens at the event?

Learn more about:

  • Universities abroad - your options and which ones would suit you
  • Student life abroad
  • How KILROY can help you apply to the university of your dreams
  • How you can apply for scholarships
  • How you can get funding for education abroad
  • Whether you can apply for student jobs while studying
  • How easy it is to find accommodation while studying abroad

How do I sign up for the event?

Our event about education in Australia takes place in the following cities (please read more on local KILROY webpages):

Iceland: Reykjavik: 12.03.18
Sweden: Stockholm: 14.03.18
Denmark: Copenhagen: 15.03.18
Finland: Helsinki: 17.03.18
Norway: Oslo: 19.03.18
The Netherlands: Utrecht: 20.03.18
Belgium: Ghent: 21.03.18

It is completely free of charge to sign up to our event, and you can bring your friend, friends, aunt, parents or whoever you like along with you.

Universities you can meet face to face 

If you wish to start your research already, we invite you to read more about the attending universities*, and please feel free to send us an email, or give us a call, if you need help already.

        1: Griffith University

study at griffith

  • Among the top 3% of universities in the World
  • Study a semester (freemover), a Bachelor, a Master or maybe your Ph.d.?
  • You have the possibility to do an internship or even apply for a student job besides your studies
  • Study anything from Media to Business to Criminology to Nursing.

Read more about Griffith University

2: University of the Sunshine Coast

study at the sunshine coast 

  • Located 1 hour from Brisbane close to beautiful beaches, national parks and rivers
  • 11,000 students (1,300 international students)
  • Study anything from Arts, Business, Law, Science, Engineering, Health & Education
  • Small class sizes
  • USC is a great place to experience the laid-back Australian way of life. You may meet roos on campus!
  • Possibility to stay in resort-style student accommodation 5 min walk from campus

Read more about the University of the Sunshine Coast 

      3: University of Western Australia

study in perth - university in perth

  • Located in Perth - Australia's fourth largest city and one of the top 10 best cities to live in according to The Economist
  • Campus is only 10 minutes from CBD (city centre)
  • UWA has 25,000 students (5,000 of them are international)
  • UWA is a member of the Group of 8 in Australia
  • Possibility to apply for scholarships (e.g. for Business students)
  • UWA has many sporting groups

Read more about University of Western Australia

Send us an email

*Please note that the program of the event varies from country to country, and will be updated regularly. We answer questions about all of our partner universities during the event.