Meet universities from England, USA & Canada in your city

  • 23 January 2018
  • By Emma
Meet universities from England, USA & Canada in your city

In February and March, we invite you to come and meet some of the best universities in Canada, USA and England. Bring your friend(s) or family along for an inspiring day about education abroad.

Entry is free for everyone!

What happens at the free education event?

During the event you will get the answers to all of your questions about studying in Canada, England and the USA and this is whether you wish to study at College, in University, do a Bachelor's Degree, one semester or maybe even your Ph.d.
Anything is possible. 

Moreover, KILROY's professional study advisors will be present during the event and they will tell you all about studies in USA, England and Canada. We can help you with:

  • How to apply to your preferred university
  • How to apply for funding
  • How to find housing during your studies abroad
  • How to finance your studies
  • How to find the courses you dream of studying
  • What the weather is like
  • What student life abroad is all about
  • And anything else you'd like to know about education abroad

Dates of event (please read more on the local webpages):


At the event you can meet the following universities*:

Schools from USA:

1: Berkeley College

study at berkeley - study in new york

  • Study in the heart of New York City, on Manhattan
  • Berkeley is great for students interested in fashion and the fashion industry
  • Berkeley allows for students to do internships during their studies
  • Study a Bachelor, Master, one semester (Freemover) or your MBA

2: California State University San Marcos (CSU)

Study in California - CSU San Marcos

  • Study in Southern California with 17,000 other students
  • Study a Bachelor, a Master or a semester abroad (Freemover)
  • Students straight from high school can apply to CSU San Marcos
  • You have the possibility to apply for scholarships
  • Read more about California State University San Marcos

3: Green River College

study in seattle - study at college - green river

  • Get the Beverly Hills experience and study at College in the USA
  • Green River is for students who are 16+ years old
  • Green River is located just outside Seattle
  • You have the possibility to apply for scholarships
  • Read more about Green River College

4: Santa Barbara City College

study in santa barbara

  • The campus of Santa Barbara City College overlooks the ocean and is only steps away from the beach
  • Small class sizes (an average of 28 students per class
  • Santa Barbara City College offers the possibility to transfer to an american university
  • You can study a semester or two at Santa Barbara City College - age limit is 18-years-old and you can apply if you come straight from Upper Secondary School
  • Read more about Santa Barbara City College

5: Hawaii Pacific University

study in hawaii - university in hawaii 

  • Hawaii Pacific University offers a broad variety of courses ie. Business, Marketing, Arts and the location of the university is essential for those interested in studying marine and ocean life.
  • Students have great possibilities to apply for scholarships
  • The slow-paced hawaiian lifestyle, possibility to surf, trek, scuba dive and meet international as well as local students, makes it an awesome study destination
  • The main campus is located in downtown Honolulu
  • Students can apply for a Diploma/Pathway, a semester or two (Study Abroad/Freemover), a Bachelor and a Master
  • Read more about Hawaii Pacific University


Schools from England:

1: British & Irish Modern Musicians Institute (BIMM)

study music in london

  • British & Irish Modern Musicians Institute (BIMM) is for those interested in studying Performance (drums, vocals, guitar, bass), Music Production, Song Writing, Music Business, Event Management, Music Journalism, Live Sound & Tour Management 
  • BIMM has 8 campuses located in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham & Dublin - and you can study at them all
  • British & Irish Modern Musicians Institute has 6,000 students from more than 50 countries
  • It is possible to have a part-time job besides your studies at British & Irish Modern Musicians Institute
  • You can do a Diploma/Pathway or a Bachelor at BIMM

2: Bournemouth University

study in bournemouth - university in bournemouth

  • Bournemouth University is located in the warmest and driest part of England with amazing beaches and palm trees
  • Bournemouth University is great if you wish to study courses in Media Production, Journalism, Communication, Computer Animation, Marketing Communication
  • At Bournemouth University you can study: Diplomas and Certificates, a Bachelor (more than 150 degrees to choose from), aMaster (around 100 degrees), and do your Ph.d.
  • Read more about Bournemouth University 

Schools from Canada:

1: Thompson Rivers University 

study in canada - university in canada

  • Study a Bachelor, Master or a semester or two (Freemover) at Thompson Rivers University
  • Thompson Rivers offers a great variety of subjects e.g. adventure tourism, ski guiding, business, engineering, computer science and everything in between
  • Programs have co-op option allowing students to combine studying with paid work experience
  • There are plenty of outdoor activities besides your studies e.g. hiking, skiing, watersport, golf, horseback riding, fishing, tennis, ice hockey
  • Thompson Rivers University is located in Kamloops which is the 2nd sunniest city in the state of British Columbia
  • Read more about Thompson Rivers University

*Programs vary from city to city and may change. 

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