"Sunshine Coast is the nicest place in Australia"

"Sunshine Coast is the nicest place in Australia"

Imagine this..... you get up when you feel like it, have long lunches in the sun on the terrace, pack your towel and walk down to the beach, drink loads of smoothies, watch dolphins and whales swim by, invite friends home for a bunfire and fun times. In Australia you have more time off from uni than lectures in classrooms, so what can be better than living in the Sunshine Coast where no one is stressed and you never have to wear shoes?

My name is Lene and I am 22-years-old. I am studying Business with my main in marketing, tourism and events at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). I am in my 3rd year and I have one semester left. Time has gone by so, so fast. I am having the time of my life and I almost want to rewind a bit and experience some of the things again.

become a student at the sunshine coastLene and some of her friends in Australia.

I honestly couldn't have imagined a better study experience than the time that I have spent here. The school is smaller than most other universities in Australia (around 12,000 students), so I feel that it is very personal.

University of the Sunshine Coast has a very relaxed atmosphere, which is lovely. And the university has won a lot of prizes.

Student job and time for sports

Being a marketing student has given me the possibility to work with social media for the top sports education at the university, and that has taught me a lot. Also, I recently got a student job at the university within event management for one of the programs. 

The university offers a lot of possibilities within sports and everybody receives a lot of help with planning and balancing training and studies. In general, USC has a reputation as an university that offers an active lifestyle.

study at the sunshine coastLene and a friend diving "under Down Under".

Living and studying in the Sunshine Coast is amazing. Right now, we are in the middle of the "winter" and we have 1,5 month off. I enjoy long lunches on the terrace in the sun, go to the beach and relax in the lovely "winter" weather.

Why I chose to study in Australia

To me, it was never a question whether to go abroad or not, but I chose Autralia because of the language and the climate. I chose USC as it is located near pretty beaches and it is a modern university with kangaroos on campus. I have been lucky that the Sunshine Coast totally exceeded my expectations.

Uni Sunshine Coast - student story from LeneLene on campus in Australia.

Studying here gives me the possibility to travel and experience the Austalian culture. Throughout my 2,5 years here I have had the chance to travel quite a bit and explored the Australian culture. And this is probably the best part about studying abroad, you travel while you study and this is the best way to explore while you are young.

Uni Sunshine Coast Lene Diving
Lene has dived with amazing whalesharks during her time in Australia.

I always recommend USC to everyone I meet. Sunshine Coast is the nicest place in Australia. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly and as an extra bonus, they have the best university, University of the Sunshine Coast

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