• Aug29

    "Brisbane is a fantastic place to live"

    By Emma
    Aleksander is studying at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, and it is pretty fair to say that he has the time of his life. Read why here...

    Why did you choose to study in Australia and at QUT? I chose to study in Australia because it is the most exotic country a Norwegian can think of, also it's an English speaking country which makes communicating and studying fairly simple. Australia is a beautiful country and I am amazed by the raw nature and wildlife. Brisbane is a fantastic place to live and it feels like there's always something happening in every corner of the city. QUT was my first pick because they are really focused on teaching practical skills that will be relevant in my career and that is something employers look for. The school also has a superb location and first class facilities. I spend a lot of ti... Read more
  • Aug04

    "Sunshine Coast is the nicest place in Australia"

    Imagine this..... you get up when you feel like it, have long lunches in the sun on the terrace, pack your towel and walk down to the beach, drink loads of smoothies, watch dolphins and whales swim by, invite friends home for a bunfire and fun times. In Australia you have more time off from uni than lectures in classrooms, so what can b... Read more