Study business at Curtin University in Perth

Study business at Curtin University in Perth

"Behind great business people are great business degrees."

As one of the top business schools in Australia, Curtin Business School (CBS) offers a great range of courses to suit every student with an interest in business.

With around 70 business leaders who use their knowledge and experience to shape course content, Curtin has one of the most extensive advisory group networks of any Australian business school.

Curtin business courses combine business knowledge and professional skill development to ensure that graduates are highly trained and industry ready for rewarding careers all over the world.

How Curtin University students connect with business leaders

As a business student at Curtin University you will have opportunities to connect with successful business and community leaders. This will help you gain a competitive edge, with the potential to enhance your professional prospects. Curtin's "Industry Connect" allows you to connect with industry through:

  • guest lectures from specialists
  • professional training from experts
  • networking events
  • vacation and graduate programs
  • internships
  • employment opportunities

Become a business degree student at Curtin University

You can also become a business degree student at Curtin. KILROY's study advisors are happy to help you enroll at Curtin University in Australia. We answer all of your questions, help you apply to the university and assist you along the way.

But first, I want to know more about Curtin University!

Great! KILROY provides you with more information about Curtin University right here. You can read about the study programs, accommodation, how to apply and information about Perth, and what it's like to live and study in Perth (hint: it's awesome!). 

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Read more about Curtin's Industry Connect here.

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Study in beautiful Perth.

Curtin University LectureAs a Curtin student, you connect with business leaders and community leaders.

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