10 reasons to study in Asia

  • 18 December 2016
  • By Lasse
10 reasons to study in Asia

Study options are numerous, and incredible experiences awaits you if you choose to study in Asia. Your education is no longer limited to the class room when pursuing education across borders – now you have the world at your feet!

1. It's inexpensive

In Asia it is generally cheaper to live, and you can eat well without being completely ruined. The tuition fee is also generally lower in Asia, and you have the option to apply for scholarships from some universities. Learn more about university scholarships abroad.

2. Stand out in the job market

Engineering, tourism, design, shipping, finance, language, culture, journalism, management, communication - it goes on and on. The possibilities are endless, and your studies in Asia gets you valuable insight into a culture, a mindset and a way of working, many employers appreciate, The future looks bright for those who choose study abroad!The future looks bright for those who go abroad to study

3. International network

Take the opportunity to build a network that will come in handy later in life. The labor market is becoming more international, and to build a network that extends beyond your home borders is a good investment. 

4. It is SO different

One of the best things about studying in Asia is the many cultural differences! When you stay in a foreign country for an extended period you will get familiar with the local customs and culture in an entirely different way, and studying abroad could be your chance of a lifetime to experience just that. As an example, Shanghai is a big city, but still bears the stamp of China's ancient culture.Shanghai is both modern and ancient at the same time

5. Improve your language skills

After studying abroad your will be much more comfortable speaking English. Simply because you have no other choice. Studies in Asia are also an excellent opportunity for those who wish to learn a third or perhaps fourth language – and it's great for your CV.

6. International student environment

As a student abroad you will naturally become part of an international environment. Other student from around the world travel to Asia to study, making studies perfect for getting to know people you would otherwise never meet.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is among the best international universities

7. Reputable universities

In Asia you have the opportunity to study at ancient universities with recognized degrees. Among others, we can mention Fudan University in China, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious university, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University was ranked #12 in the world (QS World University Rankings 2016) for their engineering education.

8. A sour and sweet experience

Are you willing to try something new, you are going to get many exciting culinary experiences in Asia. And when you need it, there is always a pizza joint or another Western food option just around the corner. Yes, you may miss whole grain bread and a few other things from home, but studies in Asia will be the opening to a new world of delicious flavors - from sour to sweet.

9. Challenge yourself

During studies in Asia, you will test your limits and your cultural understanding of other cultures. You will have to socialize with people with other backgrounds than yourself. All this will help you grow as a person, become more independent and confident about yourself.

Young People - Movember

10. An epic adventure

Go for the adventure and do not look back - you will not regret it! Asia is full of great contrasts, rich culture, exciting destinations and amazing people. Seize the opportunity and get to know a country and a culture in ways you never experience as a regular traveler.

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