• Nov16

    7 places where you can study at the beach

    By Lasse
    When it comes to finding the best place to study it all comes down to two options:

    Study at home! Study abroad – at the beach! If you ask us, the choice is simple; for what’s the reasoning for sitting in a dark reading room at home, when you have the opportunity to sit on a beach and study abroad?

    Here you get a list of seven places in the world where you can study at the beach.

    1. Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) Melbourne has been ranked as the second best place to study in the world. Not only because the city is clean and safe, but also thanks to the fantastic location - close to some of Australia's most beautiful beaches. Melbourne also has a lively cultural scene and a legendary nightlife that is known throughout Australia. Fulfill your dream of studying in Melbourne - you can choose betwee... Read more