Where to study in North America: East, West or North?

Where to study in North America: East, West or North?

North America is a place for the adventurous no matter if you have education or travel on your mind. Americans and Canadians alike are welcoming and friendly and the climate varies from snow-capped mountains to warm exotic beaches.

US and Canadian colleges and universities have a very high academic standard and in addition to studying you will also get the chance to play your favourite sport or get better at your favourite hobby by joining a club at your university. In North America you will have more choices and opportunities than anywhere else in the world.

The US West Coast and Hawaii

The American West Coast is synonym with sunny beaches, surfing and a relaxed lifestyle, but it also offers high-ranked universities and great affordable community colleges. Here you can study anything at all levels, but it is also the place where you can earn university credit while learning to surf. Our partner Universities on the US West Coast:

  • Santa Monica Community College
  • Santa Barbara City College
  • San Diego State University
  • California State University San Marcos
  • UC Berkeley
  • Foothill De Anza Colleges
  • Musicians Institute
  • Hawaii Pacific University (Pacific)

VIDEO: Student life in Santa Barbara


US East Coast

The East coast has an amazing nature with beaches and little fishing bays, mountains and nature parks, but what usually comes first in mind is this; New York, fast faced business, fashion, shopping, history and culture. The East Coast is the place to be if you want to explore big city life and be in the centre of where things happen. Day and night. Our partner Universities on the US East Coast:

  • Berkeley College (NY)
  • Long Island University
  • New York Film Academy
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • New York University SCPS

VIDEO: New York Film Academy - take a look inside


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Canada is a wonderful destination that really attracts all types of people and of all ages. Canadians are very friendly and welcoming and cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are great student cities. Canada is a dream destination for those who want to experience the stunning scenery and take part in outdoor activities.

Our partner Universities in Canada

  • Carleton University
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Trent University

VIDEO: Student life in Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada


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Not sure where or what to study? Get help from KILROY

Don't worry if you are not sure where to go next. Every day our study counsellors help students decide on their dream education abroad. This is what we offer:

  • Study Abroad Programs

    Makes it possible to study abroad for a semester or two. If you have been enrolled in an education at home, your university will often let you transfer at semester or two from a university abroad. Learn more about Study abroad programs

  • Bachelor Studies Abroad

    For students that have graduated high school. A Bachelor normally takes 3- 4 years. Learn more about Bachelor studies abroad

  • Master Studies Abroad

    If you have a Bachelor degree you might qualify for a Master program abroad. Depending on what country you want to study in a Master takes from 1-2 years. Learn more about Master studies abroad


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Remember your Int. Student Identity Card (ISIC) when studying in USA and Canada

Remember your Int. Student Identity Card (ISIC) when studying in USA and Canada
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