• Mar21

    Experience a Master in Melbourne

    Tiny lanes, experimenting arts, great coffee, lots of sports, many cultures and sweet, sweet people awaits you in beautiful Melbourne. In Melbourne, you will experience how nice the locals are, and you will be surprised when people you don’t know compliment you on the clothes you’re wearing and offering their help. Studying in Melbourne is for those interested in sports and music events, culture, festivals, beautiful nature, beaches and culinary experiences and good times. In short, Melbourne has it all and has been named the World’s most liveable city many times.

    We can help you apply for a Master's Degree at some of the best universities in Melbourne. We help you with the boring paper work, tell you about student accommodation, visa, funding, scholarships, and even help you find the cheapest flight tickets. & our guidance about s... Read more
  • Mar19

    Study in Adelaide - Australia's unknown gem

    Adelaide is an amazing city to study in, for many reasons:

    Adelaide has a great city life Adelaide is cheap to live in Adelaide has students from all over the world Adelaide is known as the "20-minute city" meaning you can get anywhere in a short amount of time Adelaide has GORGEOUS beaches Adelaide has more than 1 mio... Read more
  • Jan23

    Meet universities from England, USA & Canada in your city

    By Emma
    In February and March, we invite you to come and meet some of the best universities in Canada, USA and England. Bring your friend(s) or family along for an inspiring day about education abroad.

    Entry is free for everyone!

    What happens at the free education event? During the event y... Read more
  • Jan19

    Free event: Meet us and universities from Australia face to face

    By Emma
    When you dream of studying on the other side of the World, you may think that it's too unrealistic and hard to get into an accredited university abroad. Just think of all the paperwork, communication across different time zones, how to find a place to live, how to get funding. The list may seem ver... Read more
  • Aug29

    "Brisbane is a fantastic place to live"

    By Emma
    Aleksander is studying at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, and it is pretty fair to say that he has the time of his life. Read why here...

    Why did you choose to study in Australia and at QUT? I chose to study in Australia because it is the most exotic country a Norwegian can think of, also it's an English speaking country ... Read more
  • Aug04

    "Sunshine Coast is the nicest place in Australia"

    Imagine this..... you get up when you feel like it, have long lunches in the sun on the terrace, pack your towel and walk down to the beach, drink loads of smoothies, watch dolphins and whales swim by, invite friends home for a bunfire and fun times. In Australia you have more time off from uni than lectures in classrooms, so what can b... Read more
  • Jun29

    Perth or Singapore?

    At Curtin University you can study almost anything. The most popular programs are business, media/film, health sciences, and engineering. You will be sure to find something that suits your taste!

    Whether you wish to study a bachelor's degree, master's degree or one or two semesters abroad (study abroad), KILROY will assist you every step of the way.

    The hard decis... Read more
  • Jun01

    Study business at Curtin University in Perth

    "Behind great business people are great business degrees."

    As one of the top business schools in Australia, Curtin Business School (CBS) offers a great range of courses to suit every student with an interest in business.

    With around 70 business leaders who use their knowledge and experience to shape course content, Curtin ... Read more
  • May18

    KILROY Education Fair 2017 - coming to a city near you!

    Soon it's time for the KILROY Education Fair 2017.

    USA, Australia, England, China, New Zealand, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai – Where are you going next semester?

    At our KILROY Education Fair, we introduce you to highly-ranked universities visiting us from across the globe, so please come and join us to get inspired ... Read more
  • Apr19

    Yael from Sweden opens up about her student life in Florida

    "I always knew I wanted to study in the US, but I wasn't sure where to go."

    Yael from Sweden tells us all about her life as a student at Hillsborough Community College in Florida, how she got accepted as a student in the US, and what's it's like living with other students.

    Also, you get an insight into ... Read more