Visa for internship in USA

Visa for internship in USA

visa for internships in the US

KILROY can help apply for a visa and obtain insurance through our official visa sponsor partners and it ensures a fast and easy process.

We offer this service not only to students through our internship placement service, but also as a separate service for students who have already arranged an internship abroad. Before you make an application, please review the following terms carefully.

In order to apply for the J-1 visa, you need to be at least 18-years-old. and have English skills above average.

Restrictions when working on a J-1 visa

A J-1 visa only allows interns to work in positions that require special skills. This means that the job should require some theoretical knowledge. Unskilled tasks such as working as a receptionist, clerk, cashier or bartender will, in most cases, not be allowed.

Other types of work that are not allowed on a J-1 visa

  • Au-pair work, maid work or other domestic work like child care.
  • Scout leader, camp director.
  • Medicine/nursing or other fields that involves therapy, counselling, nursing or diagnosis of medical, psychiatric or psychological nature.
  • Pharmacy related work.
  • Veterinary or animal keeper.
  • Pilot or crew member on a boat or plane.
  • Teachers or trainers.
  • Temporary work or consultancy work.
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